The 3 Problems that EVERY Parent has with BULLYING and How to Stop them!
Plus Get a Free Manual on How and Why Jiu Jitsu Can Beat Bullies!
How Does the Challenge Work?
Register your children (ages 6+) now for 6 Weeks of fun, where they can build unshakable confidence, meet new friends and learn the most effective self-defense system in the world: Brazilian Jiu-jitsu!

The challenge is for your child to come along 2 times per week for 6 weeks. If they complete the challenge they will get a GB Wristband, A Certificate to say they are Bully-Proof and a FREE Uniform. Click the link below to register your child while spots are still available:
"It is far better to have the skills and not use them, than need the skills and not have them." GrandMaster Carlos Gracie

Kids Brazilian Jiu Jitsu And Self Defense Academy in Bolton. Kids Jiu Jitsu Classes Are The Best Way To Help Your Child Reach Their Full Potential.
About the "Anti Bullying" 6 Week Challenge
School Pressure! Peer Pressure! Instilling Proper Values! Time Sucking Extra Curricular Activities...Sound Familiar?
I know what parents are facing these. I've been one and I've met hundreds of parents just like you and I have to tell you, it's a tough time for kids these days.

Most parents I meet are dealing with these 21st Century demands daily. And trying to deal with them as well as they can, but sometimes the signs of the pressure are obvious. When new students come into our school we often see:

  •  INABILITY TO CONCENTRATE: It’s usually not malicious, they just have a really hard time focusing.
  •  CRIPPLING SHYNESS: Eyes on the floor, shoulders down, frozen with fear.
  •  DIFFICULTY ENGAGING FRIENDS OR ADULTS: Parents often see this as a lack of respect (It’s not! But it’s still important to overcome).
  •  LACK OF PERSEVERANCE: It’s really hard for a child to see past the “now” and keep at something consistently.
  •  LACK OF MOTIVATION: It’s really hard to be a kid and have people telling you all day what to do. Some kids just shut down and lose their sense of personal motivation and inspiration.
  •  LOW FITNESS LEVELS: Childhood Obesity isn’t just a new buzzword. When iPads and Phones are ten a penny, getting kids off the couch and move can be a real challenge.
But There is an Answer!
The Gracie Barra Anti-Bullying 6 Week Challenge
We've specifically designed our classes to help your child build the life skills they need to work through their challenges and become the confident, capable adolescents that we all know they can be.
  •  A Truly Exciting Way for your Child to GET FIT
  •  GB Kids Coaches are committed to your child's progress in learning
  •  The renowned Gracie Barra structure makes your kids journey in learning smooth and enjoyable
  •  GB Community gets you and your family involved in their progress
  •  GB Fighting Techniques will be useful outside the mats, maybe in bullying situations
  •  A certificate and wrist band to show they have passed the course
  •  If they attend the twice weekly classes for the 6 weeks - a FREE uniform.
Watch the Video Below to get a Feel for the Program.
This is actual footage from Gracie Barra Vancouver with my old Coach from Brazil.
Imagine Your Child as a Strong and Self Assured Leader.

...In Fact, Let's Not Imagine. Let's Make It Happen, Together.
The GB Anti-Bullying Program: Make a Difference - FREE
Once you register you will get this manual on Why and How Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Helps Against Bullies and how to Help Make a Difference with the GB Anti-Bullying Program.

It demonstrates some of the strategies that we employ in the program plus some ideas and tips that you could use as a parent. We want your child to have: Increased Confidence, The Ability to Defend Themselves Mentally, Emotionally AND Physically, Soaring Self Esteem and An Appreciation for Exercise

These are all factors that we mention in the manual. If your child completes the Challenge then they will also get the Certificate, Wristband and FREE Uniform!
The 3 Pillars of Action
Physical Techniques
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is the most effective martial art in the World. This has been proven time and again. Not only will your child gain physical confidence (become more athletic and lose a little weight) they will be practicing the only self defense form support by Anti-Bullying charities.
Verbal Intelligence
We don't just cover what to do in a physical altercation. We teach students how to handle themselves verbally. We learn to fight so we don't need to fight. Verbal expression can tell a bully that your child is not a victim. Unfortunately they will probably move onto someone who expresses the victim mentality.
This is the end-point in the Anti-Bullying system. If your child is working with other like-minded children and enjoying the process they will flourish and become more confident. This is the Ultimate Anti-Bullying tactic. Bullies hate confidence. BJJ installs confidence in all the kids who stay to a good level.
Letter From the Professor
It is better to have the skills and not need them than to need the skills and not have them...
Hi, my name is Barry Crowther, owner and head instructor of Gracie Barra Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Self Defense Academy in Bolton and Walkden.

I want to take a moment to welcome you to our website and to say THANK YOU for considering Gracie Barra for your child. I've taught kids martial arts classes for years and as you can imagine, I've seen every kind of personality you can think of in a child. Wild, shy, defiant, complacent...every child is different, with special gifts to give and challenges to overcome, and I've seen jiu jitsu classes help every single one of them find their inner strength, peace, and focus.

We've seen ultra-shy kids burst out of their shell, ADD and mild Autistic kids learn how to control themselves, socially awkward kids learn how to make and keep friends, and even helped special needs children find a place to fit in and feel accepted. So, what I'll do on this page is tell you a little about what our focus is in our classes, and what methods we use to achieve our results. Take a look at what we do, and see if our philosophy on the mat lines up with your goals as a parent, and if what we teach would be beneficial in your child's life. 

Again, THANK YOU for considering Gracie Barra - it was literally the BEST thing that ever happened to me when I was young, and I think it's possible that it could be the same for your child.

Best Regards
Barry Crowther
Professor / Owner Gracie Barra Bolton and Walkden

P.S. We have VERY Limited spaces on this program. We have had to put a time constraint on the number of trial we can manage as we only have so many qualified coaches There won't be challenges available for a while after the current induction!
* PLUS: If your child completes the challenge of 2 workouts per week for 6 weeks they get the Certificate, Wristband and Free Uniform (Value £99.00). Challenge accomplished!!
Hurry!! Only 9 Spots Remaining
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